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Experience Carries the Day

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Smeets takes the ticket to Melody Amber. Nielsen top scorer overall. Nakamura loses to Svidler again and finishes on -3.

No Sparing the Rod at the NH

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Beliavsky and Nielsen win; Smeets retains 1.5 lead on his team with three rounds to play.

The Great Chess Recyling Revel

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Donate your old chess stuff to a worthy club or school. We'll pay for postage!

Blood on Board

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Nakamura not giving up on the NH tournament yet!
Smeets wins again to move to +3 and all but lock up the top spot and invite to Melody Amber 2010. Nakamura loses to Ljubojevic.

Veterans Lead at the Split

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Svidler beats Nakamura and veterans take two-point lead. Smeets leads the youth team by a full point at the half. Tuesday is an off day.

Ivanchuk Takes Jermuk GP

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Ivanchuk wins with black to take clear first when Leko loses to Gelfand. Aronian clinches overall first in the Grand Prix series with a tournament to spare.

Legends In Zurich

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Rapid tournament in Zurich with Anand, Hug, Karpov, Khalifman, Kramnik, Polgar, Ponomariov and Topalov.
Round three of the NH tournament. Nakamura blows up Beliavsky in the King's Indian. Ljubojevic wins again. Live on ICC Chess.FM at 7:30 NY time.

Jermuk Traffic Jam

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Leko and Ivanchuk tied for lead heading into Sunday's final round. Four others right behind.
NH team tournament begins, veterans vs youth. Nakamura, Caruana, Beliavsky, van Wely, Stellwagen, Smeets, Hou Yifan, Nielsen, Ljubojevic, Svidler. Live radio coverage with GM Benjamin on ICC Chess.FM.

New View

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I've moved to a new apartment! Short leads UK team to win over Dutch. Leko & Ivanchuk lead Jermuk GP after 8 rounds with 5 to play.

Chess Junk Seeks Good Home

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Contemplating how best to get rid of a dozen boxes of chess books and software.

Moving Week Guest Blogger

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Open thread.
Aronian and Leko share first on +2 after four rounds. Spectacular win from Ivanchuk.

Attention Chess Shoppers

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Poll about your book and other chess consumption habits. Are you addicted?

Jermuk GP r1-2

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Leko, Aronian, Cheparinov lead after two. Cheparinov-Aronian in the third.
5th GP event in Jermuk, Armenia begins Sunday. Aronian, Akopian, Ivanchuk, Cheparinov, Kasimjanov, Inarkiev, Gelfand, Eljanov, Bacrot, Alekseev, Kamsky, Jakovenko, Karjakin, Leko.

Topalov Exits Bilbao

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Topalov drops out of the Sept. 6 Grand Slam in Bilbao over prize fund changes. He will be replaced by Aronian, who joins Grischuk, Shirov, and Karjakin.

Good Luck With That

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Staunton Memorial charging to watch games live.

Jolly Young England

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Staunton Memorial with team event and all-play-all. Adams, Short, Sokolov, van Wely, Timman, Korchnoi, etc.

King Walk This Way

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Fantastic domination sac and king walk for mate by teen Ray Robson at the Arctic Chess Challenge in Norway.

Jubilee in Zurich

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Zurich open Aug 9 with Morozevich. Aug 22-23, Jubilee simul and rapid event with Anand, Kramnik, Kasparov*, Karpov, Spassky*, Korchnoi*, Topalov, Ponomariov, Khalifman, J.Polgar, Hug. *Not playing in the rapid event.

Losing Moves

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What move is most indicative of a loss? Or a win?

Aronian & Mamedyarov Rule Rapidly

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Aronian wins Mainz rapid ch and Mamedyarov scores great 10/11 in Ordix open. Upcoming events.

Anand Era Ends In Mainz

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Aronian and Nepomniachtchi face off in GrenkeLeasing rapid WCh final. Anand eliminated. Ordix Open underway.

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