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Nakamura 180 in Chess960

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Nakamura-Aronian for the Chess960 WCh on Thursday.

Biel 09 Final Round

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Vachier-Lagrave leads by a half point over Morozevich and Ivanchuk with one round to play.
Anand goes for his 12th Chess Classic rapid title; Aronian defends Chess960 title. Massive Ordix and FiNet opens later in the week.

Reverse USCF Blogging

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USCF exec board elections are over. What do they mean? You tell me.

With Fried Mars Bars for All

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Video reports from ICC Chess.FM at the Scottish Open Championship.

Homeward Bound

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Open thread, back from vacation.

Reappearing Moro Leads Biel

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Morozevich leads with 2.5/3 after three rounds. Ivanchuk a half-point back.

Sleazy Until Proven Guilty

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NY Times on arrest of someone involved in one of the various ongoing moronic USCF legal situations.
Begins Sunday, start time 8am EDT. Round 1: Morozevich-Alekseev, Gelfand-Caruana, Vachier-Lagrave-Ivanchuk.

The Man, the Hat, the Trophy

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Pic of Nakamura at San Sebastian prize ceremony wearing the honorary txapela.

Message from Donostia

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Kind notes from GM Felix Izeta, organizer of the San Sebastian event. Other follow-up tidbits.
Final round: Kasimjanov-Nakamura, Ponomariov-Vallejo, Granda-Svidler, San Segundo-Karpov, Movsesian-Vachier-Lagrave. The round begins an hour earlier than usual, so 1600 CET, 10:00am Eastern.
Nakamura-Movsesian a quick draw, Svidler-Ponomariov also drew. Into the final round it's Nakamura 6, Ponomariov 5.5, Svidler and Vallejo 5. Final round: Kasimjanov-Nakamura, Ponomariov-Vallejo, Granda-Svidler, San Segundo-Karpov, Movsesian-Vachier-Lagrave. FINAL ROUND BEGINS AN HOUR EARLIER, AT 1600 LOCAL, 10:00AM EDT.
Ponomariov moves within half a point of Nakamura with two rounds to go. Round 8: Nakamura-Movsesian, Svidler-Ponomariov, Vachier-Lagrave-Granda, Karpov-Kasimjanov, Vallejo-San Segundo.
Where's the ChessBase coverage of San Sebastian?
Nakamura makes a very short draw with Ponomariov; Svidler plays just 12 moves. Nakamura leads by a full point with three rounds to play. R7: 7: Granda-Nakamura, Ponomariov-Vachier-Lagrave, San Segundo-Svidler, Movsesian-Kasimjanov, Vallejo-Karpov.

Better Chess Through Moustaches

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Lars Grahn's blog with funny photo of Seirawan and Robert Byrne.
Round 6: Nakamura-Ponomariov, Svidler-Vallejo, Vachier-Lagrave-San Segundo, Kasimjanov-Granda, Karpov-Movsesian.

Kramnik Wins 9th Dortmund

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Kramnik takes clear first by a full point after beating Naiditsch in the final round. Carlsen, Jakovenko, and Carlsen finish on +1. Bacrot on -2 and Naiditsch -4.
Nakamura wins yet again, beating Vallejo to move to 3.5/4. Ponomariov stays a half-point behind. R5: San Segundo-Nakamura, Svidler-Karpov, Vallejo-Vachier-Lagrave, Ponomariov-Kasimjanov, Granda-Movsesian.

Dortmund 09 r9: Petroff FTW

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Round 9: Jakovenko-Kramnik, Bacrot-Leko, Naiditsch-Carlsen. All games drawn, but with some great fighting in Jakovenko-Kramnik. Kramnik leads going into final round.

365 Days Later...

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La Miglette turns one.
Kramnik smashes Carlsen to take the lead. Jakovenko grinds Naiditsch again to move to +1 with Leko and Carlsen. Round 9: Jakovenko-Kramnik, Bacrot-Leko, Naiditsch-Carlsen.
Nakamura still leads after solid draw against Svidler. Vachier-Lagrave beats Karpov, Ponomariov beats Granda. Friday is a rest day.

Dortmund 09 r7

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Round 7: Bacrot-Kramnik, Naiditsch-Jakovenko, Carlsen-Leko
Nakamura beats Vachier-Lagrave to take clear lead with 2/2. Round 3: Svidler-Nakamura, Vachier-Lagrave-Karpov, Vallejo-Kasimjanov, San Segundo-Movsesian, Granda-Ponomariov.
Carlsen leads at the start of the second half. Round 6: Kramnik-Leko, Jakovenko-Carlsen, Bacrot-Naiditsch.

Kasparov, Obama, Karpov

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Kasparov meets with Obama in Moscow and gives an interview about it. Kasparov will play an exhibition rapid and blitz match against Karpov in Spain in late September.
Round 1: Nakamura-Karpov, Vachier-Lagrave-Kasimjanov, Svidler-Movsesian, Vallejo Pons-Granda, San Segundo-Ponomariov.
Carlsen beats Naiditsch's Berlin. Leko beats Bacrot. Kramnik-Jakovenko draw 19 move non-game.

Najer Wins World Open

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Najer and Nakamura (who played all his games in two days and had two byes in the final day) tie for first with 7/9. Najer takes title by default as Nakamura jets to San Sebastian.

Dortmund 09 r4: Action!

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Kramnik crushes Naiditsch to join Carlsen in the lead on +1. Round 5: Kramnik-Jakovenko, Leko-Bacrot, Carlsen-Naiditsch.

Dortmund 09 r3: Fireworks Fizzle

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Carlsen-Kramnik drawn in 19 moves with repetition. Other games also drawn quietly. Round 4: Naiditsch-Kramnik, Bacrot-Carlsen, Jakovenko-Leko.

Dortmund 09 r2: Jakovenko Redeemed

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Jakovenko beats Naiditsch in a very interesting endgame to move back to even. Carlsen still leads on +1. Round 3: Carlsen-Kramnik, Bacrot-Jakovenko, Naiditsch-Leko

Dortmund 09 r1: Carlsen Starts Fast

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Round 1 Leko - Kramnik, Carlsen - Jakowenko and Naiditsch - Bacrot

Chinese Disappearing Act

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Anand and Topalov removed from Pearl Spring website hours after I announced the field.

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