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Recycling Revel: Poster Posting

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Auction for a rare Kasparov Online Grand Prix poster, signed by Garry Kasparov. Raising support for the Chess Junk Recycling Revel.

Đšarlsen Starts Hot in Nanjing

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All r3 games drawn; Carlsen still leads. Round 4: Wang Yue-Leko, Radjabov-Topalov, Jakovenko-Carlsen.

Carlsen's New Weapon

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Carlsen beats Leko with an old Kasparov weapon to take the early lead. Round 2: Jakovenko-Wang Yue, Leko-Radjabov, Carlsen-Topalov.
Pearl Spring tournament begins in Nanjing with Topalov, Carlsen, Radjabov, Leko, Jakovenko, Wang Yue. Live games at 3am eastern.

Chess in the Park 2009

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Chess in the Parks tournament in Central Park, 11am registration if any spots are left. I'll be there later to get rid of piles of books.

Kasparov Blitzes Karpov in Valencia

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Kasparov whomps Karpov 6-2 in the blitz. Karpov's decline, etc.

Pearl Diving in Nanjing

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Pearl Spring starts on the 27th. Double round-robin with Topalov, Carlsen, Radjabov, Leko, Jakovenko, and Wang Yue

K-K 1 at 25: Karpov Strikes, Kasparov Wins

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Karpov wins game three nicely. Kasparov wins the fourth to take the rapid phase 3-1. Eight games of blitz tomorrow.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 2

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Kasparov sweeps the first two rapid games. Karpov loses the first on time in just 24 moves with a complicated position on the board.

In the K-K Shadow

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InventiChess event in Antwerp with Sutovsky, Timman, Bacrot; SPICE Cup events in Texas; Kasparov and Carlsen on a talk show.

Meanwhile, in Mukachevo...

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Short vs Efimenko match in Ukraine. Tied 1-1 with four to play.

K-K 1 at 25 in Valencia, Day 1

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Kasparov and Karpov press conference to open the Valencia event. Games Tuesday at 1pm eastern.

25 Years On, Kasparov vs Karpov 2009

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Preview of the Kasparov-Karpov match in Valencia, which starts on the 22nd. Brief history of their first WCh match and rivalry.
The first auctions to raise funds for the Recycling Revel have started. Two signed Kasparov books start things off. Donate your old chess stuff and let me know about any worthy teachers, classes, or clubs where books and software would be appreciated.

Way Up North

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Kasparov and Carlsen together in a TV news clip from Norway. When will Carlsen be #1, if ever?

Slow News Week

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Bits and pieces of news.

Grand Slammed

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Both games drawn in final round of Bilbao. Aronian wins by wide margin. Tourney review, upcoming events.

Why Me?

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Giant inflatable rat outside my window. Seriously.

Aronian Runs Away in Bilbao

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Aronian locks up first place with a round to spare with his fourth consecutive win, over Shirov. Final round six: Karjakin-Aronian and Shirov-Grischuk. Starting time an hour earlier, at 10am EDT.

Kasparov on Carlsen on Train

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My Garry Kasparov video interview on his coaching of Magnus Carlsen.

Theoretically Speaking in Bilbao

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Aronian beats Grischuk to take the clear lead with two rounds to play. Shirov-Karjakin draw.

Bloody in Bilbao

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Grischuk and Aronian lead after three rounds.

Garry & Magnus

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Story breaks on Kasparov training Magnus Carlsen for the past six months.

Grischuk Starts with a Bang

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Grischuk beats Aronian; Shirov plays great novelty in Dragon to draw easily with Karjakin. Svidler on ICC Chess.FM Tuesday.

Descriptive Notation

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Bilbao website goes the extra mile into Shirov's biography.

Bilbao (chicka-bow-bow) 2009

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Bilbao Grand Slam Final begins Sunday at 11am. I'll be hosting ICC Chess.FM live.

Kasparov in Brooklyn

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Garry Kasparov speaking on in Russian on Russian politics at Brooklyn Public Library on Saturday at 2pm.

Blitzed in Kolkata

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French champion Tkachiev falls asleep at the board and is carried away in Calcutta.

Bhatting Practice in Montreal

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Bacrot leads Montreal International. Brilliant game from Bhat over Tiviakov. Upcoming SPICE Cup in Texas.

Karjakin in Moscow

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Karjakin a new Russian player at the Moscow blitz championship. But he finished behind Grischuk. Questions on federation changes and FIDE.

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