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For the Want of a Check

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Azerbaijan takes the Euro Team Ch thanks to a clutch endgame win by Gashimov. Russia second.
Two leaders after 5 in the World Junior. Azerbaijan and Georgia leaders after four rounds in the Euro Team Ch.

Bicentennial Match

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A game in Argentina between players aged 99 and 100.

Confident Carlsen Goes Gold

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Carlsen in a fun appearance on a humorous Norwegian interview show.
FIDE announced Azerbaijan will host, umm, half of the candidates matches. Aronian not allowed to play there, so another host country is needed.
Announcement that Sofia, Bulgaria, will host the Anand-Topalov world championship match next April.

New Kids on the Block

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New teen GMs: Cori from Peru and Robson of USA, both 14. Final norm for Finegold as well.

Carlsen Leaves Novi Sad

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Carlsen drops out of Euro Team Championship, citing his busy schedule and tiredness after Nanjing. He's playing the Tal Memorial Nov. 5.

Yet More Mainstream

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WSJ on abolishing women's titles; NY Yankees manager talks chess.


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Energy drink company has a GM in a can costume playing in Washington Square Park. With video.
"Economist" team wins Euro Club Cup winning all seven matches.
Magnus Carlsen wins the tournament with a round to spare.

Kasparov on CNN

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Kasparov to appear on CNN today at 4:40pm Eastern time.
Carlsen holds with black against Leko and Topalov to keep his two-point lead with three rounds to play. Round 8: Leko-Topalov, Carlsen-Wang Yue, Jakovenko-Radjabov.

They Call Him MISTER Carlsen

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Carlsen wins again in rounds four and five and leads by an incredible two points at the halfway point. Round 6 on Sunday: Leko-Carlsen, Jakovenko-Topalov, Radjabov-Wang Yue

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