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Book Auctions, Final Hours

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Two lots of my used books, ending in a few hours. Auction links here and here. More details here.


Hi Mig - You had some nice titles "hiding" in the piles there. I enjoy collecting Chess books, too bad I didn't "need" to add more of the titles to my collection. I don't even want to think of the trouble it'll be some day to unload the 'ol library. Too much to deal with; thank goodness for eBay!

Off topic.

Interview with Kramnik on the Anand- Topalov match.

Interesting that Kramnik would be rooting for Anand (the person whom he lost to) and not for Topalov (the person whom he beat).


They don't like each other, even don't shake hands. What did you expect?

Should offer to throw in a Mig autograph; you're a chess celebrity, ya know? The top chess journalist in the world.

It would be interesting, nay surprising, if he had said anything else.

Kramnik rooting for Topalov would indeed be the TN of the century!

Great display of hipocricy by Kramnik , i wonder why is that playing in homeground is a bad omen only for the nonrussian players.
And i have a riddle : Who was the GM who said that Topalov didn´t need to play Kramnik on 2006 , that Kramnik´s title had expired by that time ?


Kasparov, duh.

Ah Kasparov, the voice of objectivity in all things concerning Kramnik and the world championship :)

That reminds me there were some good Smyslov interviews linked to yesterday for his birthday. There's this English one: http://www.gmsquare.com/interviews/smyslov.html (as with Spassky a nice change from the purely sporting commentary on chess we're more used to nowadays). There's also this long Russian interview on Radio Svoboda (Freedom) from 2005. Probably worth a Google translate - among other things he defends Kramnik before San Luis, which was why I thought of it here...

Wasn´t he the same person that decided that Kramnik was a whorthy challenger for his title?
Maybe Vlady should worry a bit more about clasifying fair and square for a WCH match , his next candidate tournament could be a great opportunity for finally achieving that gold.

I find quite interesting that a site like chessvibes jumps to Danailov´s jugular when he announced that Topalov will play the match within the Sofia rules, but they seem to be ok with Vlady´s pointless accusations .
And another question : Wouldn´t be this the second interview in which Kramnik tries to worry Anand about playing in Sofia ? Or is it the third?
Someone should give him Vishy´s number.

If you want reliable pro-Bulgarlov (Topa- and Danai-) coverage, stick with Chessdom - which has neither critical editors nor an open discussion forum.

Chessvibes (or, in the first instance, editor Arne Moll) mostly criticized not what Danailov said, but how he said it:
- only old players who don't want to work like short draws (mixing up short draws with draws in general, never mind)
- not accepting Sofia rules is a disrespect to organizers, sponsors and the city of Sofia.

As to Kramnik, he was asked for his opinion and gave it. Why was he asked, maybe for the second or third time? Probably because he has some experience with WCh matches, including one against Topalov (+-Danailov)!!??

Kramnik's opinion will be canvassed frequently as the match approaches and perhaps even more whilst in progress -- agree with Thomas that experience is the principal reason. Mid-match he may share highlights of his exposure to the entire Danailov bag of tricks at Elista, providing antecedent memory of the equanimity Anand will need to laugh off the inevitable attacks (think Baturinsky with a feather duster) from the Sofia camp. Towards the match's conclusion, and for the benefit of the Topalov camp, Kramnik may well share tips on developing the coping skills necessary for trauma recovery from an Anand decimation.

We know today that Kramnik endured all the cowardly tactics launched by his opponent's camp and won the match even after forfeiting a game (perhaps he was inspired to rebound after getting a good look at Topalov's pathetic doglike face shining like a moonless night sky as he signed the scoresheets with visible risible glee, but who knows?). We also know Kramnik was owned outright by Anand, ending the era of Mister +2. So if I were a chess journalist, I would definitely wish to talk to Kramnik as Anand-Topalov is in progress. It's a no-brainer and a good story.

Kramnik - Call Kirsan and tell him that i refuse to play without my toilet.
KGB agent - He is on a meeting with Putin.
Kramnik - Of course i want some pudin.

The return of.....Toilet Boy!

...for anyone who has never worked at the highest levels in a world sports organization like FIDE, who has never had any realistic experience in the management of a large organization, who has never made any progress while representing FIDE in the IOC, to be elected as FIDE President will be a big gamble for us and unsuitable to the chess world. Why should we sacrifice our excellent position for an unknown factor?
-- Turkish Chess Federation.

What honest words of logic the Turkish Chess Federation point out. As stated before Kirsan should be declared lifetime president of FIDE chess.

Kramnik - Call Anand and tell him that he must not play in Sofia.
KGB agent - He is on a meeting with his seconds.
Kramnik - I don´t care , i want more pudin.

A blink of the eye and Toilet Boy becomes.......Pud In Boy.

Shouldn´t be called toilet-boy the guy who actually uses it like loco ?
Stay tunned for more excerpts from the Elista tapes...

You might think so, but no, it's the boy who's still obsessed by it four years later who deserves to be called Toilet Boy.

I like but you are not funny at all , greg.
Use your illusion.

The Sofia Tapes, Vol. One:

Veselin: My image sucks! People think I'm a cheater! A jerk! Do something!

Silvio: Surely, you, Veselin, the world's #1 chessplayer, must know that when there's no defense you have to...?

Veselin: Attack!

Silvio: Yes, Attack! Find someone on Mig's blog to link Kramnik with the KGB!

Veselin: Didn't YOU bring a dozen government security people to Elista?

Silvio: Cooks! Find someone to say Kramnik cheated in his toilet!

Veselin: On alternate days I used the same toilet! We won't find anyone stupid enough to write this nonsense on Mig's blog one time, much less make a career of it!

(Ding Dong)

Silvio: Get the door, Veselin, it's the delivery boy.

Manu: Here's your pizza, gentleman. Anything else I can do for you?

I like the ending , you could work a lot more in the body, but we are making a lot of progress.


You are like Jay-Z , but without the talent.

to mark, march 23rd comment
i also collect books.
would you mind saying how many books you have?
thank you

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