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Maintenance; Book Auction

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Database trouble during game 5. Suspicious?! Also, lot of 13 of my old chess books on Ebay.

Anand-Topalov WCh, g5

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Topalov with white in game five, Anand leads 2.5-1.5.
Rapid event, just seven rounds. Mamedyarov leads after two rounds. Kramnik, Mamedov, Guseinov, Radjabov, JPolgar, Sutovsky, Kamsky
How long should a WCh match be? More than 12, certainly. Shenanigans coming in Sofia? Hope not. Kasparov on the match and more.
Anand with white, score tied 1.5-1.5. - Anand wins with a crushing knight sac and mating attack.

Chess Party!

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Karpov's campaign for FIDE president is throwing a fundraising party in New York on May 17. Karpov, Kasparov, and Carlsen will be there!
Match tied 1-1 with a win apiece. Game starts at 8. Game 3 drawn, no Grunfeld.

Anand-Topalov Off-day Chatter

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Anand, universal player? Topalov a poor waiter? Get your chat on.
Anand wins to even the match score 1-1. Off day Monday.
10am ET, Topalov with white.
Links and more links to coverage and pre-match interviews and previews.
Ilyumzhinov leaves Sofia to hustle back to Moscow to fight Karpov for the Russian nomination for FIDE president.
Topalov will have the white pieces in game one, which is now on Saturday at 10am NY time. (All later rounds start at 8.)

Karpov to Fight the System?

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Shenanigans in Russia as RCF president goes a little rogue. Will Karpov fight for the nomination for FIDE president?
Pick the winner in our online poll.

WCh Postponement?

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Grounded in Frankfurt en route to Sofia by volcano ash, Anand requests 3-day postponement, till the 24th.

Smallville Checkmate

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Not what you are expecting.

New Fish in Town

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Free open source engine Stockfish shoots up the rating list. More on computer chess.

USCF Endorses Karpov

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It's in html so it must be true. CROSSVILLE, TN-- The USCF Executive Board unanimously voted that the USCF will support GM Anatoly Karpov in the upcoming FIDE election for President, to be held in October 2010. A full statement...
Gelfand and Karjakin's team ShSM-64 team leads with three rounds to play.

Battle Chess

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Chess geek gamerz, get ready for happiness.

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