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Russian Federation Nominates Karpov!

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All the Russian news agencies are reporting that 17 members of the 32-member Supervisory Council of the Russian Chess Federation have nominated Anatoly Karpov for the FIDE presidency. This is huge news, especially after Ilyumzhinov and and Council president Dvorkovich tried to hijack the nomination without a vote a few weeks ago. Even in today's meeting in Moscow they tried first to postpone this meeting when they realized the votes were against them, and then some last-minute shenanigans to move the meeting to a closed-door location at a bank and further delay proceedings. But the delegates held firm and raised their hands, 17 getting over the line for a majority regardless of what Dvorkovich and Ilyumzhinov try. There are still various technicalities to quibble over, but the bottom line is that the delegates showed up and a majority voted for Karpov.

This means Karpov has put Ilyumzhinov into a clearly losing position, though I doubt he'll resign it. Without the support of his own country, and without the international support of a legend like Karpov, he'll have to do something tragic like have his own presidential board nominate him. And without Russian Federation support, the rest of the old CIS is unlikely to show him any love.

For some reason the number that went out on the wires is 18, not the 17 my source on the scene is giving me, and he's holding the list of names. Selivanov, Krjukov, Bakh, Beshukov, Ertel, Afromeev, Titov, Giljazov, Khasin, Zinder, Kazakov, Goncharov, Razuvaev, Fedorova, Sapfirov, Shaidullin, Ivakhin. Apparently Dvorkovich and other Ilyumzhinov guys went for a last-second boycott of the meeting, but it wasn't enough to prevent the quorum. No matter what they do now, the 17 votes are on record. Also, Selivanov was today nominated as VP of FIDE and voting delegate. Krjukov as the director of the Khanty-Mansiysk Olympiad. (Ilyumzhinov had tried to appoint his own guy for this, but it's the right of the Federation to do this and they exercised that right.)

Well, let them say 18, or 38, but it's a done deal. Fantastic street-fighting politics in Moscow and the good guys won for once!


I'm guessing the source may be quite well informed as e3e5.com say Kasparov gave the opening speech explaining the situation :) They also quote "17, or 18". Anyway, great to see some real prospect of change at the top in FIDE!

Great news!

Good news indeed! Lets hope there wont be too much need of further street-fighting politics, though I'm not optimistic on that score...



Afromeev? Top-100-Afromeev?

This made my day. Thank you to all the brave and incorruptible Russian Federation delegates - all 17 or 18 or you!

Maybe now the chess world can return to normal and we can bring the game to everyone. Karpov will allow for Vishy to defend his title in a real, untainted manner.

And the small countries can be nurtured as CACDC was set up to do. I am sorry that Campo didn't live to see this.

this is nice news, Ilyumzhinov seems to be gone.

would also be nice that danailov doesn't get to the european chess union.

>I am sorry that Campo didn't live to see this.


Could someone explain to me how the election is actually held? This sounds like great news, and I really hope that Ilyumzhinov is kicked out, but I'm not sure how this endorsement translates into votes

Super. One more thing to celebrate Monday night in Karpov's event in NY. I'm coming over from London just for that, returning back Tuesday morning. Couldn't resist the chance to meet your Boss in person Mig (and tell him how great you are hehe).

First Karpov hit him with the mass-media 'alien abduction' and now snatched that point. Ilosermzhinov still doesn't understand what hit him :)

Also, it looks like Chessdom has posted a lengthy hit piece on Karpov: http://reports.chessdom.com/news-2010/karpov-kasparov-ilyumzhinov-svedok

A pretty comical response from Dvorkovich: http://www.gazeta.ru/news/sport/2010/05/14/n_1494811.shtml

Apparently he held a competing meeting at the same - but claims neither meeting was valid. The one he was at didn't have a quorom, while the one Karpov was at had a quorom, but not the President of the Advisory Council, i.e. Dvorkovich...

It's not an endorsement. It's a nomination. In order to become a presidential candidate, you have to be nominated by your federation first. Since Karpov and Ilyumzhinov both belong to the Russian federation, Ilyumzhinov has a problem now. He has either to fight the legitimacy of the nomination, or find some back door to get into the election.

He'll probably find a back door, but in the world of federation functionaries it will cost him if he isn't nominated by his own federation. In terms of concrete votes, it's only one vote, of course.

Ivanchuk has won!

This should be counted as one of Karpov's best games. I wasn't giving him much chances.
However this it not over, Kirsan may still get help from his friends from out of space.

Presidency for Life should never be part of the job description.
Ilyumzhinov has made a mess of an organization that wasn't doing too well to begin with, time to go.

Isn't Afromeev the well known rating cheater (with a fake rating of 2640 or so)?

Or is his just another guy with the unfortunate last name?

Maybe your sources could confirm?

This is great news. Earth-shattering news.

@Ivanchuk has won!

it was an "ukrainian draw"..probably Pono was thinking that he was 'attacking the weakened K-side' with his 22.h4 but he got his King under mating attack after 22..g:h4

Wang Xue was winning against Eljanov with 35.Rh1 (an obvious move in that position) 35..a:b3 36.Bc5! and there is no defense against Rh8 winning the Queen
(if trying to escape with 35..B:c5 36.d:c5 Kd7 37.Rh8 Qe7 then 38.Qg8 ->Qc8#)

but he played 35.Kb2 and he was still much better but he managed to lose that too after few moves until it was equal (or even Eljanov slightly better) and then he blundered a rook in 2 moves Q:f5 Qc3+ 0-1
( Ka4 b5+ /Ka5 Qa3# or Ka2 Qc4+ and Q:(R)e2)

oh well

First Anand wins and now this. The planets are in alignment.

Well played, Anatoly!

Well, it would seem many are in favor of "the devil you don't versus the devil you do!" in this particular case. It's well documented that Karpov has his own closet full of skeletons. That said, perhaps this change, if he actually were to win the presidency, will be a positive one.

Do you know what a "razzberry" is, Kirsan? Ask any American!!

This sounds very strange. This and the withdrawal of Ignatius Leong smells very bad...


Why does the Supervisory Council of the RCF doing it's job smell bad? What smelled bad was Dvorkovich trying to unilaterally make the decision for the RCF.

I just mean that this sounds very strange. Today first Ignatius Leong "resigns" (or something like that), later this decision from the RFC, it's everything very strange because Russia was supossed to be the supporter of Kirsan's ticket...

Great news indeed!

Let's just hope that this doesn't spell financial death for FIDE. As far as I can tell, Ilyumzhinov was the only one capable of raising any sort of funds.

It will be interesting to see if the people on Karpov's advisory board will be putting money into chess or helping to find sources of money. There is a lot of money there.

This is madness. This is a tragic.

Tragic for the foolish people here believing the lies of this anti-democratic vote that has been swindled from an obviously biased group of men bought off using Karpov's socialist gained oil fields.

Mark these words from sources on the ground, this vote will be shown to be what it is, a ruse by karpov's henchmen to subvert and make a mockery of true democracy.

All people who love freedom and hope will see that Kirsan is the way forward and will be outraged by this fake vote. I would never suggest Karpov is a evil person but his peers are the lowest of men willing to bribe and threaten honorable men to vote for something they would in no way do without their families being held hostage or monetary ruin being held over their heads, it must be only a short time before one of the men come forward and admit to the world the pressure they had to endure and the punishments threatened, I hope until then they stay far from airplanes and Russian mafia agents, or should we now call them Karpov chess agents(KCA)?

Yes, we can see the terrified looks on their faces in the pictures posted here:


Great video at the bottom of that link! It's not often you get to (over)hear Kasparov agreeing that Gelfand is better than Topalov :) (though I'm not sure he's not just going along with one of his mentors - Razuvaev is the person he's talking to, apparently) Then it's funny how he takes a while to believe he's being filmed before coming up with a polished response to some questions on Anand. There's a transcript of the video there - I can't work out what's said about Ivanchuk either...


GOOD triumphed over EVIL

That is not the way it is suppose to be. Maybe the End of the World is really upon us in 2012.

Anyway I greet this as great news.

so all that was needed of the 32 was a simply majority? (17)

Anyone have access to the RCF bylaws? It would be interesting to see if Dorkovich's claim holds any weight, re: the meeting being invalid because he was not there. I imagine as long as there was a quorum, the meeting and vote was legit.

Dvorkovich says that Ilyumzhinov will be Russia's candidate and he will call a new meeting before 20 June: http://www.gazeta.ru/sport/2010/05/a_3368442.shtml

As long as he has a meeting where everyone in the council is there, I don't see how he can get Kirsan the nomination. Karpov already has enough votes. Most likely he will botch things again, and then try to say the RCF is nominating no one.

I do not know how Karpov's election helps.When did he become a gentleman? Kasparov-Karpov is a fatal combination.
It is not evil replaced with Good but evil repalced with more evil.

Snits, don't be surprised if in the next meeting Kirsan gets all 32 votes. If Dvorkovich is attending, no delegate will vote against his will. Dvorkovich is a man of Putin and Medvedev, don't underestimate Russian politics.

How Karpov can be a good candidate for presidency?
Did he do anything great to promote chess?, raised funds?, voiced his opinions strongly when there was a decade long chaos?

And how does anybody believe or understand RCFs support to Karpov given the fact that Kasparov is behind it who is a staunch enemy to Kremlin?

Lets not hatred on Kirsan turn in to support to K-K .They are two self serving ego-maniacs.

We need neither Kirsan nor Karpov.

@Greg, sure anything is possible, but if Mig's report is correct these people voted in spite of Dvorkovich's attempts to stop them. It almost looks like there could be a struggle between Bakh and Dvorkovich taking place.

Fully agree ,i posted the same thought time ago.
Being better than Kirsan is not the same as being part of the solution that the chess world needs, even if there is no other option available.
I am also intrigued about which equation is used to include a friend of Putin in the ¨good¨ team...

Can't Ilyumzhinov be nominated by the Vegan Federation? After all, plenty of Vegans play chess. And obviously his passing of Russian state secrets to the Vegans was the price of this support.
Officially the nomination will probably come from Tuvalu or Nauru or somesuch. I think it will be a close race.

I think this is simply Kasparov vs the Russian government, in another form. Dvorkovich is extremely well-connected, he is in the top tier of the Russian government. I will be simply amazed if they manage to defeat the Russian government and nominate Karpov when this is all said and done.

Could you please confirm which Afromeev is voting, the rating cheater, or some other poor fellow?

This is terribly important. I have trouble sleeping.

Thanks you for your help!

it must be the fact that i'm not Russian but I'm truly surprised a WC and someone as powerful as Karpov is having any trouble dealing with a pawn thug like Kirsan.

Karpov is a mere bug compared to Kirsan or Dvorkovich if you look at it politically. Being a world champion doesn't really give much extra influence outside of chess, as history has shown.

I'm strongly in agreement with "please educate me" on this. This isn't the good guys winning - it's two sets of untrustworthy people trying to swindle one another.

But what will happen now with the projected
"Vasiuki Chess-City" in Dubai?

"All the buildings that will make up the International Chess City," HE President Kirsan Ilumijinov clarified, "will be shaped like chess pieces and have the traditional black and white colors of the game. The "King" buildings will be the highest," he continued.



"It's not often you get to (over)hear Kasparov agreeing that Gelfand is better than Topalov :)"

Yeah, except Gelfand hasn't beaten Topalov since 2003, and he also has had his Petroff demolished twice in their last two classical games, in 2008 Corus (in 28 moves!) and this year in Linares.

But yeah, everybody is better than Topalov lately. I forgot!

Oops, actually Gelfand hasn't beaten Topalov in a classical game since 1997!

ha..haa..thats why many doubt Kirsan's IQ level.
However I do not think he swindled FIDEs money. He must have screwed his own people and fed FIDE instead.
Karpov--big no to him. Other than the fact that his name is not Kirsan, there is nothing to brag about his candidature, personality or admiistrative capabilities.
Kasparov is a failed politician. Even in chess also his politics failed even while his play was shining.
After 2 decades of chaos, chess world is slowly returning to normalicy.We don't need Karpov-Kasparov combo to take the mantle now.
I am happy if Kirsan goes down as we need new blood but when he is replaced with much worse..like Karpov.

Agreed. It will be great if Kirsan finally disappears, but I have serious doubts about Karpov. I don't want Kasparov anywhere near chess politics either.

Let's hope Karpov will prove the doubters wrong. But it's no sure thing as so many here assume.

Wow, check out the game Short vs Giri.

Seems old Nigel still has the knack for flashy attacks!

People tend to underestimate Nigel but how many have followed his Whites against Kasparov in their match? Opposite castling games galore with some truly scary all-out attacks against Kasparov. I'm not kidding. Truly scary. In fact, Kasparov's incredibly accurate at-the-edge-of-the-abyss defense of those positions was some of the most amazing defending I've ever seen in a World Championship match. Nobody else could deal with Nigel in this sort of positions back then.

Great stuff.

@I have serious doubts about Karpov. I don't want Kasparov anywhere near chess politics either...

Yeah, there are no "good guys" and "bad guys" here, but look at the bright side :

If the "dream couple" K-K succeed Mig may land a good job with FIDE ! The Boss will reward his loyalty and the books he has written for him with some secure, well paid, position there.
And Karpov won't object since he can't care less of anything except the polite facade. Kasparov will pull the strings (maybe even get a rematch with Kramnik, or else !) since Karpov isn't a man of "change and action" anyway. He was a conservative "do nothing all is fine already", a man "of the system" of the status-quo even as a (soviet and perfect) young man, let alone now.

Shmmm...so that is the truth about bright side.!

Fun aside, I am truly surprised Federations supporting Karpov. Other than hatred towards Kirsan I do not see a single reason how Karpov can help bring the change.
Kasparov did bring some change..but not for the greater good. He himself admitted, he made a mistake with PCA. He is a failed plitician.
How these two guys, who not so long ago were bitter rivals, gel together and renew the game prospects. Silly.

@..How these two guys, who not so long ago were bitter rivals, get together and renew the game prospects. (?)

simple, they both got old :

"The character of the Elderly Men
They have lived many years; they have often been taken in, and often made mistakes; and life on the whole is a bad business. The result is that they are sure about nothing and under-do everything. Consequently they neither love warmly nor hate bitterly, but following the hint of Bias they love as though they will some day hate and hate as though they will some day love."

"The Characters of the Young and the Old"
Aristotle, Rhetoric, Book II, chapters 12-1


..and by extension if Kirsan is kept there for another couple of decades, then everybody would end up loving him.

Karpov will not bring change, but a transition. You can't fix the chess world with a single election. It would be nice to have a competent organizer and politician as president of FIDE, but sadly, to take out Kirsan you need a heavyweight, and Karpov is one of the very few ones that can do it. But even if he's not better than Kirsan as president, we may get to see elections a bit more open, where better people will have a chance.

What makes you think Karpov will bring that healthy transition. Being skeptic what is the reason behind such firm belief?

I would take issue with the characterization of the events yesterday as "street fighting politics." This is more like Renaissance palace intrigue, something with which students of Russian history would not be unfamiliar, or even that glorious moment when the Third Estate held their own meeting in a Paris tennis court.

Lol Ovidiu, good one!

Speaking of old people, to turn it upside down again:

"The problem with the youth of today is that one is no longer part of it."


Speaking of Nigel's attacks and his match with Kasparov, check out those games:



susan polgars blog has a consolidating article about how legitime Dvorkovich is...its sickening obvious where her allegiance lies

>What makes you think Karpov will bring that healthy transition. Being skeptic what is the reason behind such firm belief?

I didn't say it would be healthy. But after 15 years of the same president, any change is welcome. And I don't have a "firm belief", I said that we *may* get to see more open elections.

While off-topic, these Short games againt l'Ami are also interesting, the second one was rather short:

Nigel's comment on the second game:
"Speaking to reporters after the game, Short made a very interesting point about the cause of Black's defeat in this game. As he explained, many players nowadays, especially young players, are so used to rattling out huge amounts of pre-game opening preparation, that they are simply not used to thinking at a very early stage of the game. Here, after barely five minutes' play, L'Ami was already out of his book knowledge, and needed to start thinking deeply about the position. Instead, he played a couple of plausible-looking moves rather quickly, but they proved to be errors. In addition, the position is rather more critical than it appears, and by the time L'Ami started really thinking about the position, it was too late – he was already practically lost."

He drew extra motivation from the fact that l'Ami was Cheparinov's (and later Topalov's) second because he knows quite a lot about (mainstream) opening theory ... .

Yes, Short deviates a bit and the computer-generation GM youngsters fall apart rather quickly. I mean Giri's loss today is just truly embarrassing.

It is very interesting, and Short is probably right.

But it's interesting that Korchnoi (after one "Rising Stars vs. Experience" event) excluded l'Ami from his general statement: "All those young guys play like computers, only l'Ami plays chess!"
To my knowledge, he didn't comment on Giri ... .

Yes, but maybe it's because Short always was and occasionally still is a very strong tactician. He is a very tricky player and unlike Korchnoi, he is ideal to expose thin understanding of critical tactical opening ideas.

I am talking about the second game with l'Ami where l'Ami took the white-squared bishop (5...Nxb5) because it's generally thought to be good to exchange that bishop and he was already in a critical position. Korchnoi probably wouldn't have played this sort of line to expose this kind of thin understanding of the hidden tactical nuances.

Another interesting Short game where you can see him playing unusual stuff in supposedly well-known positions is his game against Jan Smeets in Corus this year - a Petroff played with White in 19th century romantic fashion!):


This kind of stuff is not easy to refute over the board even if engines scream!

@..I mean Giri's loss today is just truly embarrassing.

This one does look just as Short said about l'Ami : playing quickly plausible-sterotypical- moves and not thinking at all.
Today Giri seems to have not examined at all whether N:d5 was possible, because after 11.Nf4 even defending d5 primitively with Bb7 would rendered Short's little trick toothless.

I think l'Ami was simply careless, rather than being generally weak regarding opening tactics - though Short may have found out during his game preparation that he is vulnerable in "19th century openings".
Both Korchnoi (on l'Ami compared to fellow youngsters) and Short (on young players in general!!?) drew their conclusions from one or two games. There is stronger evidence that l'Ami can't be THAT bad: Topalov picked him as his second, and kept him for several matches.

What do Short, Giri et comp have to do with the topic "Russian Federation Nominates Karpov"?

God, I cant wait to see that man - the one with the aliens - go.

OK guys tell me this...Kirsan will still find a way to get onto the ballot even if Russian fed doesn't endorse him.

However, Kirsan still has the votes of all those 'third world chess countries' is the bag...so how exactly is Karpov going to get around that?

Buying them.

Uh, it's very apparent to me now that FIDE has become an object of geopolitical jockeying between the NWO and Russia.

Obviously Karpov is no longer found on the Russian side.

This could go under various posts, but Aronian gave an interview on the final day of the Anand-Topalov match: http://www.yerkramas.org/2010/05/16/levon-aronyan-sejchas-bolshe-treniruyus/

At the beginning he talks about some training sessions in Armenia working on openings:

"I think the novelties we found will definitely be used at the board. Unfortunately we spent a great deal of time on one of the novelties and it was used by Anand in the match with Topalov that just finished [10. Na3 in the 4th game]. Literally the next day. It happens!

- How do you rate the Anand-Topalov match?

- The match turned out not to be of the highest quality. The grandmasters made a large number of serious mistakes. In recent years chess players have really "gotten stuck into" the opening. Before a game you analyse so much with a computer that you end up making 20-25 moves on autopilot and have no energy left for the game itself. The creative side suffers, but nowadays you can no longer get by without computer analysis."

He mentions again that he didn't play Wijk this year because they couldn't come to a financial agreement, but that he's playing next year and also hopes to play in Linares. This year he's mainly focussed on the Olympiad.

There are some questions on Armenia chess, followed by:

"- Please could you comment on the situation surrounding the possible running of the candidate matches in Baku.

- I already expressed my opinion on the topic, as well as in a conversation with FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov's assistants. I won't travel to Baku. It isn't that I'm frightened for my life. Chess players are creative people and they must have a normal psychological atmosphere. For example, during a tournament I like to walk around the town. Will I be able to do that in Baku? Besides, the safety guarantee that Azerbaijan mentions implies constant personal protection. Going to the toilet with a body guard is hardly likely to help me to play calmly at the chessboard. I think common sense will prevail in FIDE."

On the FIDE elections - he mentions Ilyumzhinov's done some good things and then:

"In Karpov's favour he has great authority in the chess world. I don't support either of the candidates. But I think that it would be interesting to see the head of FIDE being a person who knows first-hand the problems players face. At the moment many decisions are taken by people on the edges of chess who at times serve the interests of narrow groups rather than of leading players. For example, it's unacceptable to rewrite the rules of the world title during the cycle. With the appearance of Karpov the situation might change for the better. But, I repeat, I don't support anyone in the future elections."

May i suggest, dear Mig, the implementation of a "Thanks Mishanp" button here in the Daily Dirt? It would only make life so much easier for everyone...

THANKS mishanp


[quote]The match turned out not to be of the highest quality. The grandmasters made a large number of serious mistakes.[/quote]

I disagree.

No complications, no error!

The fact the 2800 level players are made to commit "errors" shows the high quality of the games.

I doubt in any other matches the commentators with computer help and access to fellow GM's views were so clueless as this one. That again shows the very high quality of games.

Both the players were relentless in their pursuit except may be for Game 1, and their strengths were tested in all departments of the game, move by move.

In old championships, sometimes players take quick draws and relax. Sometimes players opt for dry lines, playing a set of moves that wouldn't have changed the outcome otherwise, and would have had a chance to relax during the game. And hence the relaxing room concept?

In this championship, opening survival was so crucial, your energy level is so drained up by the time you are out of the opening phase. Then comes a middle game that required Rybka level depth 24 precision move after move. Then you enter into an end game. So it is not an endgame got straight after simplication from opening that you have all the energy and time to play your ending.

So players making some "errors" is very much understandable, and I think the quality of match cannot be judged by some metrics like counting the no of "errors" alone!

Case in point. Sometimes the play level and quality and therefore the pressure is so high that a computer can even make a 2800 player succumb to a 1 move mate!!! Can we discard the game for lack of quality?

Could you please drop us an email? info chessvibes dot com. Thanks.

New interview by Dvorkovich who says that he will never work with Karpov and that Bakh should resign from the Russian Chess Federation: http://www.chesspro.ru/_events/2010/dvor.html


You disagree with Aronian but what is your rating? Or have you done move-by-move computer analysis? Given your high confidence, I'm curious your qualification to directly contradict Aronian.

Hey hcl,

Some of the things are common sense, so I don't think you need to be an expert to comment on those things. For example, Anish Giri makes a comment in a game that mutual inaccuracies led Anand (Black) to equalize. Anand and Topalov have put in months and months of preparation and come here to try to take each other out of their familiar territory or comfort zone. That is not going to happen if you play out the best candidate moves suggested by computer. It will all be in their preparation. So they make a conscious choice to play sub-optimal moves even at the expense of slight disadvantage. How do I know if it is a conscious choice? I'm no expert but I have prepared like that for my games with success. If I were their second, this is what I would suggest them to do. Anish Giri annotations were very good but they don't have such high level match experience so they lack some insight in those type of things.

I would like to know what are those errors Aronian is refering to?

Top of my head I would say Anand's Kf7 in Game 1, Anand's Bc6, Anand Rh8+. Topalov's gxh5 in the lucky drawn game. Some more error in the lucky drawn game but those from Anand were mostly time pressure errors. exf5 is a wrong choice against Anand by Topalov. I wouldn't say that an error. Anand's f4-push in the lost game was not an error, more of an attempt to deviate, bad choice I would say.

If you would like to know my strength, my games are in ninja message boards or can be found at message board user littlefish signature link. You can give me a rating based on that.

Btw, there are many people that contradict higher rated Anand, Topalov etc.

If time allows, I'll try and compare/prove with analysis instead of this being vain talking.

Strange view IMHO.

If Karpov is better then Kirsan, we should chose the guy if we have to chose between these two, regardless that Bessel Kok would even be a better choice.

I wouldnt have expected you to see the past 15 years of Fide history as succesfull, and in need of some continuation.

Looks like Tafkam with a Stockholm syndrom

"Wer hat gewonnen?" is the response to all those guys in the bleachers criticizing the quality of Anand's game. Aronian, Carlsen etc etc...young punks who have proved nothing yet.

@...Dvorkovich says ..

it's all babble talk, this is Russia and Putin will decide (after all Putin's private ski-instrucor was appointed as the chief of the Russian Olympic team)

""Bartleby - Ivanchuk has won!"

Ivanchuk isn't even a candidate.

1. Yes, it is Vladimir I. Afromeev, delegated to the board as president of the Central Russian Region (see e.g. http://russiachess.org/content/view/4412/290/). At least, it seems that his cat wasn't allowed to vote for Karpov (not so sure about his driver).

2. Today, Zhukov was also elected President of the Russian Olympic Committee (http://news.bigmir.net/sport/280546/). Hard to believe there will be a vote against his intentions in Khanty-Mansisk.

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