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Leko-Karpov Day 2

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Leko beats Karpov in game three to take the lead.

Leko-Karpov Rapid Day 1

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First two games of Miskolc Rapid match drawn.

The Kids Are All Right

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Youth team wins NH Tournament with +6. Carlsen and Beliavsky lead.

Pics 08 - Anatoly Karpov

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Anatoly Karpov at the 2001 FIDE KO WCh.

Miskolc Rapid 06

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Leko and Karpov, eight game rapid match Aug 30 - Sep 3.

August Winners

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Various tournament items.
Ilyumzhinov interview covers Kramnik-Topalov, Beijing Olympics, candidates matches

Zurich Blitz 06

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Kasparov and Karpov tie for first ahead of Polgar and Korchnoi

NH Tournament 06

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Veterans and juniors tied after three rounds of team tournament.

Iowa Excitement

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Origami chess set wins state fair prize.

Mainz 06 Wrap

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Complete Mainz Chess Classic results and recap.

August Action

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Recap of Mainz, UK Ch, Staunton, and the NH tournament that starts today.

Glued to the Board

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Glu Mobile announces Kasparov Chess game for 2007.

Mainz Classic Updates

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Bacrot wins FiNet Chess960 open. Anand-Radjabov and Aronian-Svidler continue later.

Aronian Shuffles Svidler

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Aronian goes up 2-0 on Svidler. Radjabov leads Anand.

Not Rapid, Not Shuffle...

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Aug 22 Zurich exhibition with Kasparov, Polgar, Karpov, Korchnoi will be blitz, not rapid.

Mainz Shuffle

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The first Chess960 matches are over, Anand-Radjabov starts today.


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Shulman wins US Open. Americans in Pan-Ams. Peru youth movement.

4th Staunton Memorial

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12-player round robin in London with Adams, Timman, Sokolov

Yours and Mainz

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Anand vs Radjabov headlines Mainz Classic. Lots of shuffle chess, too.

Get Your Brit On

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UK Championship is underway. Hebden and Pert lead.

06 Montreal Empresa Internationals

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A cat. 15 international and a GM norm tournament in Montreal.

Ren Xing versus Ji Qi

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Chinese chess human-machine match. Kramnik-Fritz press conference.
On Aug 19 Karjakin and Carlsen lead junior team against veteran team with Beliavsky and Jussupow.
Some followup and organizer comments about the World Open cheating scandals.

Anand Takes Villarrobledo

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Anand wins Spanish rapid and his weight in bottles of wine


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Tags added to each entry!

Chessplayer Wins $90,713

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Former US Cadet champ finishes 64th.


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Chess-ish movie "Entrusted" showing on Brit TV and elsewhere (?)

Kramnik Wins Dortmund 06

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Kramnik beats leko and takes the title from Svidler on tiebreaks.

Dortmund 06 Final Round

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Leko and Svidler lead going into the final round.

Friday Cat Blogging - Hot Edition

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Hot kitties.

Biel Wrapup

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Morozevich dominates Biel but not Carlsen.


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I'm finally reinstalling the blog software tonight to solve the errors, also upgrading to Movable Type 3.3. I'm suspending commenting for a while so things don't disappear when I input the backup. After that I'll still be tweaking things and...

Morozevich Wins Biel 06

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No, the tournament's not over, but the race for first is. By winning his seventh (!) game of the tournament the amazing Russian sealed his third Biel victory in three attempts. He lost twice to Carlsen but won every other...

The Expert Mind

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Several people have sent in this link to a long Scientific American article about chess and cognition. It's by science writer Phil Ross, father of Laura Ross, one of the top female players in the US. There's not much new...

Drawish in Dortmund

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It's getting hard tell the difference between the rest days and the game days in Dortmund. For the second straight round all four games were drawn, three of them in fewer than 30 moves. Leko and Svidler still lead with...

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