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What's the Problem?

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From this pic we can't see what Topalov was worried about.

BladderGate 3

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Kramnik team protests the protest, etc.

Taking the Piss (BladderGate 2)

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Game five forfeited by Kramnik, but it might not stand if the match continues.

BladderGate 2006

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Topalov's manager files complaint about Kramnik's frequent bathroom trips.

Kramnik-Topalov g4

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Game three drawn, Topalov with white in game four today. (Game 4 drawn in 54.)

Kramnik-Topalov g3

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Kramnik has a 2-0 lead and white in today's game 3.

Kramnik-Topalov g2 PC

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Game two press conference transcript.

Matches? What Matches?

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FIDE moves/cancels the candidates matches.

Kramnik-Topalov g2

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Topalov presses but blunders to hand Kramnik a game one victory. Kramnik also wins game two.

Kramnik-Topalov g1

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Game one today, prediction and preview with Kasparov comments.

Future FIDE Fiddling

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Dutch article reports possible FIDE - Bessel Kok deal on running professional FIDE events.

Watch the 2006 WCh

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Kramnik will have white in game one on Saturday.

Carlsen Wins Norwegian Ch

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Carlsen beat Agdestein in playoff.

Never on Thursdays

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No flights to Elista from Moscow on the day the world championship opens.

WCh 2006 Mainstream

| Permalink | 23 comments
Match preview in The Times filed from Elista.

Elista Arrival

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Kramnik and Topalov arrive in Elista for their WCh match (game 1 on Sep 23).

2006 Spanish Team Ch

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The second group of the Spanish team championship played its third of five rounds today. Gelfand won a tremendously tactical game against Tiviakov on board one in today's top matchup. Great stuff. (Game below.) His favored Gros Xake Taldea team...

Elista Entourage

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Teams announced for the Kramnik-Topalov reunification WCh match.

Linz Mall Chess

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Chess event in a shopping mall in Austria with Korchnoi, Kasparov, Paetz, Lahno.

Chess Arrest

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Coach and organizer Severine Wamala of Massachusetts arrested on rape charges.

September Fun

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Some fun games to check out from Spanish team event and EU Ch.

No-Name Offense

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Inarkiev wins Russian championship; joined by many young unknown players in qualifying for the superfinal.

Chess Grand Slam

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Breaking news: Grand Slam announced by organizers of Linares, Bilbao, MTel, and Corus

Turmoil in Tomsk

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Three players share the lead with 4/5 in the mighty Russian champinship, a nine round swiss.

Rishon Blitz Final

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Locals upset visiting stars to qualify for tomorrow's world blitz championship final.

Need For Speed

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Blitz championship in Israel begins tomorrow.

Ad and Subtract

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Thoughts on advertising, sponsorship, etc.

Go Team, Go!

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United States Chess League starts second year of play.

Hungarian Patience

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Final two games drawn in Miskolc Rapid; Leko wins 4.5-3.5.

Match Points

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Leko-Karpov draw two more; Svidler spectacular win over Carlsen; Russian Ch starts.

Strongest, Best, Greatest...

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Short the second-strongest Brit all time? EU Ch in Liverpool starts Wednesday.

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