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Chess in Space

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New Ilyumzhinov interview, mentioning the new proposed candidates tournament. / Looking for photo of Kasparov, Karpov, and Thatcher from 1986 WCh match.
Fischer tracked by FBI, giving thanks, and why Russia sucked in Dresden.

Dresden Olympiad Wrapup

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Your suggestions for biggest surprises, best games, etc.

More FIDE Shenanigans

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Ilyumzhinov announces change of candidates cycle, adding a tournament with various winners and losers to decide the challenger.

Dresden Olympiad r11

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Final round begins in Dresden EARLY at 10am local and 4am EST. Ukraine, Armenia, China, Israel have best shot at medals.
All-play-all supertournament in Nanjing, China starting Dec. 11. Topalov, Ivanchuk, Aronian, Movsesian, Svidler, and Bu Xiangzhi.

Olympiad Rithmatik: Hope for USA

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Jonathan Berry proves mathematically that the USA can win a medal tomorrow if everything goes perfectly.

Dresden Olympiad r10

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Ukraine-Israel is the critical match in the fight for the gold. Also Serbia-Armenia, England-China.

Dresden Olympiad r9

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Underway with Israel-Armenia and Ukraine-Russia the key matchups with two rounds to play after this.

Fresh Hot Shenanigans

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Dec. 13 Doha GP moved to Elista. Kamsky-Topalov sign, match starts Feb. 16.

Dresden Olympiad r8

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Reports from several FIDE rule and technical meetings in Dresden. Nakamura blogs, USA-Russia both women and open.

Aronian Interview: Hey Ladies...

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New interview with Levon Aronian covers women in chess and love in the life of a chessplayer.
Russia-Armenia, both with 11 points, and Ukraine-China, USA-Hungary, Germany-Romania, India-France, Israel-Spain, England-Azerbaijan.

The More Important Sofia!

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IM Sofia Polgar opens up her own website with lots of family chess and her artwork.

Dresden Olympiad r6

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The six teams with 9/10 points meet: Russia-England, Armenia-Azerbaijan, Ukraine-Germany.

Kamsky-Topalov to Sign for Sofia

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Chessdom reports Kamsky and Topalov have agreed to play candidates match in Sofia.

Dresden Olympiad r5

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Russia-Germany 1 draw, so many leaders with 9/10 match points. Ivanchuk beats Leko to win match for Ukraine.

Dresden Olympiad r4

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Germany 1 and Russia are the only teams left with perfect scores. Spectacular win by Harikrishna over Svidler.
Norway stuns China, other favorites roll. Confusion about results and scores.

Dresden Olympiad r2

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Still in progress. Most of the favorites looking good.

Chernenko: You Show Me Yours

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Kamsky's manager now says the money for the Lvov bid for the Kamsky-Topalov candidates match is ready, but he wants to see the contracts first. Hmm.

Dresden Olympiad r1

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Round 1 of 11 begins today at 1500 local, 9am EST.

Kramnik Post-Match Interview

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Post world championship match interview with Kramnik by Vasiliev of Sport Express.
Bulgarian federation says they "will raise" the necessary $250K to host the match. They also want to move the dates from Nov. to Feb 09.

Ilyumzhinov in Car Crash

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Minor injuries, seems to be all right. Won't be able to attend opening of Dresden Olympiad tonight.

Dresden Olympiad Starts Thursday

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Dresden Olympiad first round on Thursday, November 13. Kramnik, Topalov, Morozevich, Carlsen, Radjabov, etc. Russia top seed.

¡Hazañas Latinoamericanas!

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Cuba's Leinier Dominguez wins the world blitz championship in Almaty. Eduardo Iturrizaga of Venezuela wins the ICC qualifier for the 2009 Corus C group.

Utrecht Simuls in 88, Anyone?

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Anyone know about Anand and Kasparov simuls in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1988?

Kamsky Replies All

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Kamsky talks about the faltering Topalov match bid.

Rustam Kamsky Speaks!

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Gata Kamsky's father writes an open letter protesting FIDE's handling of his son's candidates match.

Kamsky-Topalov Do-over

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FIDE lays out new/old terms for the Kamsky-Topalov candidates match. Back to Bulgaria, it seems.

Corus 2009 Field Complete

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Complete Corus 2009 field announced.

More Kamsky-Topalov

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USCF prez calls out Ilyumzhinov on match sponsorship.

More Memos about Kamsky-Topalov

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Another deadline from FIDE regarding the Lvov bid for the Topalov-Kamsky candidates match.


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Kasparov article on Obama presidency and the image of America abroad.

Blitz on the Menu

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World Blitz Championship starts on Friday Nov. 7 with Ivanchuk, Morozevich, Radjabov, etc.

Minor Scandals Dept.

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A few bits from here in there, from lawsuits to plagiarism to an outspoken interview with Jan Timman.

Nakamura Wins Cap d'Agde!

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Nakamura beats Ivanchuk in rapids to win the Cap d'Agde Trophée CCAS.

Pics of Anand's Winning Day

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Photos of Anand's clinching match win, his team, and the post-match celebration.

Corus C Qualifier on ICC

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Online qualifier for Corus C starting on ICC today.
Ivanchuk eliminates Carlsen, Nakamura brutalizes Karpov, both in blitz tiebreaks. Ivanchuk-Nakamura final Saturday.

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